The beer gods have smiled upon me via the @colagrossistudio kids. Thanks for the tasty barley pops, guys! (at Backyard Fire)

And the #hops have officially sprouted! This is year three for these guys, which means I may actually have a big enough crop to brew with! #homebrewing (at Bad Apple Brewing Co.)

Happened to have some Cafe Du Monde on-hand on this Fat Tuesday. Now if I only had a beignet…

Definitely one of the most…interesting pizzas I’ve ever made. Leftover ribeye, chicken parm, pickled onions, pickled asparagus, roasted peppers, gruyere, squash, other stuff. #leftoverpizzaparty

Blue Stack Smokehouse is an instant favorite! Awesome brisket AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS CHICKEN?! Delicious! #bbq #fortwayne (at Blue Stack Smokehouse)