Peel & eat shrimp boil! (Listened to @megtiffany talk about all of Boston’s amazing seafood all last week and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Had to try and fill the delicious void. Void filled.)

Something tells me this isn’t what AeroPress had in mind. Oh well!

Well, this is probably my best idea since getting married.

Sometimes @megtiffany goes to Boston, and it’s pretty lame (for me). But then she brings back souvenirs, and all’s ok with the world!

Paula Deen’s chicken and dumplings recipe (sans dumplings) under a layer of Alton Brown’s (grandmother’s) biscuits. Guess it’s an eternity in food purgatory for me… (at The Bungalow)

Doing a little quality control/assurance on my ESB that’ll be served at #BrewHaven14 this Saturday. So far, so good. #homebrewing (at Bad Apple Brewing Co.)

@megtiffany gets to have all the fun. (at Parkview Field)

First true date night out with the wife since the hm. This place is the best! (at Hideout 125)